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Should You Invest In Cryptocurrency IEOs?

The initial exchange-offering model of crowdfunding is on the rise. The funds raised by IEOs have dwarfed those raised by ICOs in 2019, making the IEO the to-go-to process for upcoming blockchain projects. Unlike ICOs, the IEO is supported by a cryptocurrency exchange. The crypto exchange for a fee acts as the intermediary for the token sale performing the due diligence requirements for the token sale. These include processes such as know your customer screening and other vital processes such as token selling and marketing.  

Binance first launched this new crowdfunding model. Other more significant cryptocurrency exchanges have followed suit, including Huobi, OKEx, Bitfinex, and Bittrex. The IEO has been so successful that it has raised $262 million in the first half of 2019. One of the most popular IEOs of 2019, from BitTorrent, raised $7.2 million in 14 minutes.

If you a conscious investor, one who does not let pure hype influence their investing decisions, you must be wondering if you should invest in an IEO.  Below are reasons why beyond the hottest new trend hype, IEOs could be worth your time and money.

Previous IEOs have proven great ROI

The BitTorrent (BTT) token, for instance, has had a return of at least 4X in Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD. The Multivac project supported by the KuCoin crypto exchange raised over $20 million in token sales on April 3. The tokens have brought in over 1.97x in ROI. The Top Network’s IEO launched on the Huobi Exchange raised over $15 million. The TOP token has had an ROI of over 3.5x in USD.

IEOs are more secure than ICOs

IEOs are very similar to ICOs. The initial token offering, however, has a third party player who oversees the exchange between an investor and the project’s developers. This third party aspect has fueled the success of the IEO. The exchange and the project’s developers usually get into an agreement of the terms and condition of the token sale. The exchange is supposed to do its due diligence on the project to ensure that every project sold to its users is top-notch. The IEO is in many ways; therefore, an improved ICO. Unlike the ICO, the IEO brings into the trade more financial security for the investor. 

No vesting period

Token sales conducting by an exchange have the unique advantage of a faster listing process on an exchange. This could be in many cases, immediately after the token sale is concluded. The token sale will enjoy liquidity as well as other benefits such as exchange-sponsored marketing. The listing of a token on an exchange is a very burdensome process for most project developers.

In the past, there have been instances where projects have had to pay listing fees to crypto exchanges to get their tokens to the broader market. IEOs have become a significant investment channel in the crypto-verse. If you want to invest in an IEO, do your research first, to ensure that you only put your money in a viable project.

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