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Bitsdaq IEO: All You Need to Know

Bitsdaq is a world class digital asset exchange founded in 2014, in Seattle, Washington. The exchange, however, launched its operations in January 2019. The platform now has over 2 million users and gains an average of 26,700 new users each day. The demand for its services has been so high that it has been ranked third in traffic after Coinbase and Binance.
The exchange has received at least 11.4 million user visits each month. The trading platform is now well established and has over 100,000 community members and an 8.5/10 rating from CryptoPotato the world’s leading blockchain agency. Its management paused their trading services to upgrade their security protocols, system, and user experience, reopening on April 12.

Bitsdaq exchange team

Amongst its founding members are experts from various fields including finance, commercial real estate and fintech. There also are experts in areas such as digital advertising, software and technology development, and marketing, which give the firm a rich professional backing. Some of the founding members are, for instance, former employees of large multinationals such as China’s UCFGroup, Microsoft, Iclick Interactive, and Decentral.
Rickey NG, its CEO, and Co-founder, has also cofounded IClick Interactive, which is NASDAQ listed. IClick Interactive is Chinas premier advertising platform. Eric Dao the Bitsdaq CTO and one of the co-founders was a principal engineering manager at Microsoft. The firm has headquarters in Hong Kong, but it is a Bittrex Exchange partner in Canada, Macau, and Singapore.

Bitsdaq, in partnership with Bittrex in the Asia region, is creating a Pan-Asia market network and plans to be an initial exchange offering (IEO) leader in the region. There is a vast market for IEOs as the initial coin offering platform dwindles. Bitsdaq’s partnership with Bittrex also gives it a massive advantage of increased liquidity and edge cutting technology.

There are also the added advantages of better security technology, liquidity, and more substantial existing infrastructure. Bittrex also enhances Bitsdaq’s access to higher retail, professional, and institutional investments as well as financial technology.

Bitsdaq BQQQ token

It has become apparent over time that a cryptocurrency exchange’s native token is vital to the firm’s growth. To this end, the growing Bitsdaq exchange designed their BQQQ bitsdaq token, for their IEO token sales. The launch of bitsdaq token is designed to help cut down on trading charges on the exchange.

It also gives added advantages to its holders, including IEO participation privileges, as well as airdrops. The BQQQ token is a low cap token, with a hard of $6.5 million. This factor gives it the added advantage of having a small circulating supply. This should significantly enhance the token’s value with the growth of the platform’s IEOs. BQQQ initial circulating supply began with 460K tokens at launch worth $3 million. The token sale was launched in Q2 of 2019.

The Bitsdaq Launchpad

The Bitsdaq Launchpad was launched in the Q2 of 2019 and is the platform’s crypto crowd funding solution. Through the assistance of innovative technology, the Bitsdaq Exchange is now able to present high tier IEO projects to its users.

Any successful Bitsdaq IEOs?

The exchange initially launched a BQQQ trading competition in June that had users with most accumulated BQQQ stand to win 500,000 BQQQ and 2 BTC. They then held the MediLOT (LOT) blockchain start up IEO on their Bitsdaq Launchpad. To purchase LOT tokens, users had to have BQQQ in their wallets.
MediLOT is a health data protocol project focused on electronic health records solutions. With artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, MediLOT will enable the equitable sharing of health data. The project will enhance the operations of researchers, healthcare workers, commercial companies and patients.

The platform’s second IEO was the Colletrix (CIPX) token sale launched on August 30, 2019. Colletrix’s project revolutionizes the ownership of IPs. Its protocol will introduce perpetual value and the protection of IP owners through tokenization. A bevy of partners including Animoca Brands, UNDONE, Bitwork Accelerator, and Future Arena backs the Colletrix project. UNDONE is bringing onto the project its merchandising expertise. Animoca Brands has an extensive network of IP owners while Future Arena has an active entertainment and sports IPs portfolio.

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