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What is the Best Exchange for IEO Fundraising ?

The crypto fundraising spotlight has now moved from token platforms to cryptocurrency exchanges. Prospective token designers and creators are now approaching exchanges to raise funds. The exchanges, on the other hand, looking for ways to capitalize on their influence and power are very eager to oblige them. Crypto exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase have massive captive audiences that can be used for monetary gains.

What is an IEO?

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a token sale supervised by a crypto exchange. To access an IEO, you have to be a user in the exchange that is supporting the token. There however are IEOs that are supported by various exchanges all at once.

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As an illustration, on August 28, the Chinese platform Ten Billion Coin is launching an IEO across three platforms. Ten Billion has collaborated with the VinDax, a Vietnam based exchange, LA Token, and P2PB2B to sell 6 billion tokens to a broad global audience.

What is the difference between an IEO and ICO?

The significant difference between an IEO and ICO is the entity behind the token offering. For an IEO, it is a partnering IEO platform. The ICO, on the other hand, is offered to the investors directly by the blockchain project’s creators. This means that any wiling investor can participate in a public Initial Coin Offering.

The ease of accessing preferred tokens on an exchange’s board makes it easy to participate in an IEO. Unlike an Initial Coin Offering, there are no steps or procedures to follow for every individual token sale. In an exchange, the process of purchasing and storing tokens is standard.

Which cryptocurrency exchanges can host Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)?

The exchange has for ages been the entry point for crypto space investments, but not all exchanges are created the same. There are, for instance, crypto-to-crypto exchanges that enable the purchase of altcoins, using mainstream digital currencies such as BTC.  

There are also decentralized exchanges that operate autonomously through smart contracts. The centralized exchange, on the other hand, is run by an organization, much like that of a traditional securities exchange. The centralized exchange is ideal for Initial Exchange Offerings.

First, centralized platforms attract large user bases, so they are liquid. This factor is critical to the success of the IEO. They also do create and run their own ERC 20 tokens for;

  • Profit-sharing
  • Platform liquidity and market orders incentives
  • Trading discounts
  • Voting rights
  • IEO participation

Which exchange does the best IEO fundraising ?                   

Top picks to raise funds through an Initial Exchange Offering are Binance Launchpad, OK Jumpstart, Huobi Prime and

The best exchange to run an IEO on should first, meet the soft/hard cap set for the project. This goes beyond the crypto exchange’s user base. The cryptocurrency exchange should enable a high return through exchange-supported marketing.

It should also enhance demand through increased trading volume and enlisting of new users. There are also listing rules that should be considered. The IEO listing fees, for instance, vary in exchanges. Some may have free listing charges, while others will charge a premium to cover the exchange’s operations expenses.

Are you looking to launch an IEO ?

Launching an IEO is a complexe process and will take skill, effort and dedication. The reward is that it is a guaranteed way to raise the necessary investments for the project, while not embarking on long marketing campaigns.

You will find below a complete list of cryptocurrency exchanges to launch your IEO on:

Binance Launchapad: Apply

Huobi Prime: Apply

KuCoin Spotlight: Apply

Bittrex IEO: Apply – choose ‘Request an IEO for your Token’

OK Jumpstart : Apply

IDAX: Apply

CoinBene: Apply

ProBit: Apply

Exmarkets Launchpad: Apply at

Coineal: Apply

Coinis: Apply

CoinTiger: Apply

Liquid: Apply

Bitmeta: Apply at

Please pay attention that exchanges that support IEO and announce the launch of their own launchpad become more almost every week. The list will be updated.

How to participate in ICOs, STOs and IEOs ?

ICOs are easy to join. You will need cryptocurrency, the most common being Ethereum, which you then send to the ICO smart contract. To participate in an IEO, besides crypto, you will need a verified account on the exchange launching the tokensale. 

STOs on the other hand are regulated and have strict requirements for investors. Buyers should be accredited players of the market. As a security token typically represents a share in the company who issues it, this category, according to US law, includes individuals who meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • An annual income of more than $200,000 per person or $300,000 for a married couple, maintained over the past two years and projected in the current year in which the person plans to buy security tokens
  • Net assets of more than $1 million, which do not include the value of real estate in which the person lives on a permanent basis
  • An organization that has assets over $5 million, for example, a venture capital fund or a trust fund
  • A company whose members are all accredited.

Besides these, there are plenty of other minor details important for a token buyer and for a token issuer.

Where can I find a complete list of Upcoming Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) ?

IeoaAlarm provides the most updated Initial Exchange Offering calendar. For each Initial Exchange Offering on the list, IeoAlarm provides accurate data regarding the IEO date, and how to register on the cryptocurrency exchange that is hosting the IEO.

Join 60,000 investors who never miss upcoming IEOs.

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