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IEO Crypto Investing: Three Common Mistakes

The rising interest in IEOs has set the crypto scene ablaze once more, as the ICO slowly fades into the horizon. As the crowdfunding process takes root, investors are now trying the best they can to access the best the market has to offer. Fraudulent projects and swindlers are also around the corner, despite the reputation of the IEO as a safer alternative to the ICO. To ensure that you do not end up missing the best IEOs out there, here are three common mistakes you should avoid.

Buying tokens from scammers or token resellers

You may be wondering just how an IEO supported by an exchange can be a scam. Aren’t crypto exchanges supposed to do their due diligence before embracing a token sale? Why would an exchange sacrifice its reputation, by allowing a project on its platform that is fraudulent?

Crypto pundits believe that scammers are slowly finding pathways to access easy funds through IEOs. Some think that fraudsters are going to build their crypto exchanges that act as the face of their operations. Through these platforms, they will lure their victims by promoting fake IEO projects. Once the token sale is over, they will wrap the exchange up and vanish.

To be on the safe side, begin by only participating in IEOs supported by popular exchanges. These platforms have proven trade and user volume. A reputable firm will do everything possible to keep their reputation intact. Case in point is the Bittrex RAID (XRD) IEO that went awry in the last minute. The RAID project had a last-minute change of partnerships that threw Bittrex off. OP.GG one the project’s vital partners left RAID and the crypto platform had to pull away to protect its reputation.

There are scammers also who will use social media platforms such as telegram or LinkedIn to promote an IEO. It is vital to ensure that you have their profiles triple checked if you are in communication with them. Ask for direct calls and ensure that the email address used is official. A written rule of thumb is that token sales for IEOs are made through a formal exchange. You should not send any other entity your platform token or funds. 

Missing the initial exchange offering launch

IEOs have quickly become an attractive investment channel for crypto users. There have been instances where tokens have sold out in seconds. The Fetch.AI IEO on Binance, for example, sold out in 10 seconds. It is essential, therefore to ensure that you have double-checked on the date of the IEO launch. The information will be availed on the exchange’s or project’s official announcements channels.

Missing out on the best performing IEOs

Exchanges are quickly turning to the IEO as their primary source of revenue. These events happen every week on crypto exchanges, so you have to be on the lookout, not to miss out.

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A platform might have a staking rule where you have to hold their native token for a predetermined period to participate in the coin sale. To ensure that you have all the necessities ready for your favorite IEO, use leo Alarm, and have the information readily available.

Join 60,000 investors who never miss upcoming IEOs.

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